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From the time I was old enough to talk, my mantra was “Let Meeee Do It”. And I always did whatever “it” was with my own sense of style. “I remember when I was around nine years old, my dance instructor told my Mom that my sister was a better student than me because she followed direction, but that I was a better dancer because I was creative and improvised.” I am still creative and just like when I was nine, I still improvise.

I grew up in a traditional middle class Black family in Detroit, Michigan. Both my parents were school teachers. I was the oldest of three, with a younger sister and brother. From an early age I knew that I loved music and I loved fashion. My parents always had music playing in our home, and I created a dance floor or a stage, wherever I could. My mother made sure that we always looked “adorable”. So it came as no surprise that as soon as I was old enough to get a job, it was as a Senior Fashion Board member for the J.L.Hudson Department store in downtown Detroit. It wasn’t really work; It was a fun job that entailed being on a panel of other high school students, giving our opinions on the latest fashions, and participating in make-up demonstrations and fashion shows. It was the start of my love affair with shoes, clothes, make-up, accessories, and anything Fashion!

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